Lets Play Soccer To...
By Athena_of_hell
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I wrote this book when I was just 14 and deleted it a few months ago by mistake so I'm republishing it without editing. Don't blame me for the cringe. Endings are never happy. They are the saddest part so just give me a happy middle and a really happy start.❤️🌼 Jennifer Argent's life was boring and tragic. She had some powers that she was clueless about not to mention that she hated her powers but one day everything changed. The day she shook hands with Mark Evans. She had no idea that soccer will one day lead her to everything she loves and values the most in her life. Follow Jennifer in her adventure full of love, hatred,wrong choices and soccer. Extra info: this book will contain all 3 seasons of inazuma eleven. A sequel of this book will contain inazuma eleven ares / Orion. There are alot of typos and autocorrect in there. I apologise in advance. Disclaimer : i do not own any of the inazuma eleven character or storyline. I just own my OC and her family.

the start

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Lets Play...
by Athena_of_hell