A Walking Canvas (R...
By aerasyne
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Rare Disorder Series #1 To be Published "Does my condition invalidates my right for life? Would everything be better if I die?" If there is one truth that Bliss Audrey Laure wanted to turn into a lie, that's probably her own reflection. It constantly reminds her how flawed she is being born with her condition. She's a broken masterpiece, destroyed by the ruthless society. She wants to be accepted. Bliss Audrey wants to be loved without an ounce of pity. But she's well aware that it would be impossible for she is different. Until he came, Devyn Braun. The man who made her feel like a dozen of hyper kittens has been rumbling inside of her heart. But Devyn, despite the life he gave her, is as broken as she is too. He also needs someone who will save him from his pain. Someone who will make him want to live again. Two broken souls met in a cruel world. Will they be able to fix one another? Or one will give up before they could even reach the end? --- Highest Ranking Rank 2: Tula Rank 8: Spiritual Rank 3: Spiritual (10.16.2020) Rank 1: Tula (10.24.2020) Rank 1: Teenfiction (11.14.2020) Rank 1: Teenfic (11.14.2020) Date Started: May 11, 2020 Date Finished: October 3, 2020

A Walking Canvas

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A Walking...
by aerasyne