Mafia Puppet (sampl...
By jessicamxdi
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❝He was a killer and I was his darling puppet. ❞ • • • A sinner in the disguise of a smaller one. Antonio Giordano was a cold-blooded murderer. His intense gaze and sickening smirk was the last thing his victims saw before they were killed. He was a devil in the disguise of an angel's body. Or so, the world thought. They called him the Ace...or the Don. She called him something entirely different. Francesca Lastra was his the moment she entered adulthood and she had made amends with the fact. It was her destiny and if not him then someone worse. But that didn't mean she didn't fear the outcome. After all, rumours were all she had of him. A newly wedded couple. A war ordered. A young girl to protect. And everything filled with strife and chaos. Possibly, what could go wrong? ••• to be published on GALATEA on 07/29/2022 - unfinished! * This book holds sensitive content and mentally disturbing relationships. I do not condone it and this book is only for entertainment purposes. It is called a dark romance due to the dubious consent and dark setting. * 18+ ______ REVIEWS FROM READERS______ "This is one of those books that I'll have to re-read as soon as it completed." - abeer_2020 "Mafia Puppet is the first book I actually liked. After so many years I find a proper book. My type which I was looking for and I can't be more than happy for an update and be grateful. Thank you author for writing books. I seriously hope you finish them and don't leave them like some. Thank you so much for your hard work. Love it can't wait for more." -choco_is_late "Awesome update. This is one of the best books I have ever read. Please update soon. Can't wait to read more." - Omkaira_K "I just started reading this book and it's soo good thanks for writing such a beautiful book 🥰" - SarahObi __________ #1 darkromance (2020-12-21)

Mafia Puppet

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Mafia Pup...
by jessicamxdi