Star Wars: Immortal...
By MTrac1000
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Some see it as the government verses the terrorists, while others as the rebellion versus the tyranny. The galaxy has a very mixed views on the current war. And some just like to stay clear of all of it. Join the crew of the Devotion, and the forces that stalk them, as they explore the lawless expanse of the starry skies and the strange and amazing creatures that live within. Explore the mysteries of the force, hyperspace, and interpersonal relationships as the crew grows closer together... and further apart. Explore both perspectives of the war, as well as those who exist between. A world of wonder and excitement awaits, if only you hit the "read" button! May the force be with you! (I have tried my absolute hardest to make sure this story fits into the current canon. No events in Star Wars have been changed or conformed to accommodate my story.)

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Star Wars...
by MTrac1000