Forgotten Girl
By HateDivine
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You hurt her she would never cry. You beat her she would never cry. Just don't forget her. She just wants that you remember her. Break her, she would never be angry. She wants to be remembered, let it be for good or bad. ***************************************** "Why are you even alive? You are a burden on us. Please go somewhere." Her adoptive mother. That broke her. J "We would get over you going. We will forget you."people in orphanage said. No one in the world knows she exists. She was born to be forgotten. She does not even know the reason why she is hated and forgotten. She is one of the most kind person in the whole world. She will do anything to be remembered and loved. ***************************************** Why does everyone forget her?What happened in her past life that everyone forgets her? Let's get through this and know about her past. This books gonna be making you sad but it would not make you cry. So let's get on journey to know the past of THE FORGOTTEN GIRL. And what would make her forgotten.

Author's note And Character Introduction

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by HateDivine