Lost In Space ( Don...
By 8Murphy8
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What if there was another Robinson? Y/n Robinson is her name. A detective as well as the half-sister of John Robinson. Her and her family were moving to an entirely different planet. She'd always loved space and would have done anything to go there and when she did; she was met with an adventure she never would have thought she would go on. !Lost in Space DOES NOT belong to me! HEAVY EDITING: you may find some spelling mistakes and the story to be written a bit blandly. [Season 1 Editing completed] Nov. 25, 2020 [Season 2 Editing ongoing] [Season 3 not started because it doesn't exist yet] If you haven't seen the show you might not understand some things that go on in this fic because it's only in one point of view unless I need another. This is based off the Netflix 2018 Lost in Space remake.

Episode 1: Impact

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Lost In S...
by 8Murphy8