Hurricane Season
By kitkat0215
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Something strange has happened in the city of Johnston, New Jersey. When the civilians least expect it, a hurricane blows in and sweeps all they had worked for away. Not only is this new weather phenomenon an event that only happens once in a lifetime, but it with it washes ashore new problems and situations for Kitty Maxford. She's a girl who just wants to live her life and get out of Johnston as soon as possible, but as the wind blows in a new direction, she might be changing her mind Zak Daniels may be able to sway her, but they haven't had a civilized conversation in over seven years. With this new hurricane, he realizes something: maybe now was the time to start something new. But tha will be difficult when he get can't a single word in without Kitty cutting him down.

Nine years ago

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by kitkat0215