R e t r o s p e c t
By Eyesickjewelbee
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Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Although for Caasi Stintin even that is subject to change. His less than average life of mediocrity suddenly undergoes a shift. There's a death in the family. Little did he know the severity of the impact it would cause. Reality as Caasi has come to know it seems to become a maze, with doors and pathways he never thought could be taken. What were once harmless choices and everyday decisions now are of detrimental consequence. Everyone from his friends and family to acquaintances and strangers are now at stake. Caasi must weave through the mystery and come to terms with ultimate and inevitable reality. He would never look at a clock the same way again.

Chapter 1: H i n d s i g h t

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R e t r o...
by Eyesickjewelbee