Deep [Niall Horan]
By takenaheart
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"When I learned about his past, everything changed." "I was stuck in a fake bliss with him that I should have removed myself from. If only I did, I wouldn't have drowned, I wouldn't have sunken this deep." -------------------- Throughout my entire life, I have isolated myself from the world hoping that my future will have something that I will enjoy. I went to college to become someone different. To not be that girl that was constantly living filled with depression and despair that was overshadowing her life. I found something different, no, I found someone different. I never thought that I could be happy and I never thought the source of the happiness could be from someone else. I look into his eyes and I see in a different light, a light that had once been fading away, slipping off into a void. He changed it all for me, I finally had someone to hold, to call my own. But little did I know of the dreadful horrors creeping their way into view that would change my life forever. ----------- Accomplishments: #176 in Fanfiction


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Deep [Nia...
by takenaheart