Emily's Choice (Fir...
By thequietwriter
  • Historical Fiction
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Eighteen-year-old Emily Lawrence believed that her life was simple and that the most challenging thing she would face in her life would be to convince her cousin and companion, Rosalind, to have more courage. Her life takes on complications when Mr. Adrian Williams moves into the neighboring estate. Emily's father forbids her from having anything to do with the man, but when an unexpected illness throws her into Mr. Williams company, Emily finds that obeying her father is more difficult than she imagined. Emily struggles to understand why her father is so insistent on the matter. What happened eight years ago, when the Williams' left the estate? Is it a coincidence that Emily's mother died at the same time? "This charming tale has a feisty heroine that could give Elizabeth Bennett a run for her money."

Chapter One

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Emily's C...
by thequietwriter