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"Why do you keep doing this?" I cock my head, confused. "What do you mean? Do what?" "Push people away and revel in your own messed up sorrow? Make living a normal life unnecessarily hard? The list could go on," he replies, shrugging. I suck in a breath and stare into his clear, blue eyes. "Look at me." I point to myself and continue, "None of normal. I shouldn't even be-" "Alive? You're right. But you are. And having survivor's guilt while you're living is the worst self-inflicted punishment you can have." "Look, I don't have to listen to someone who knows nothing about my life. You're not the one trying to hang on to that one last thread while you want so bad to cut it off yourself." He shakes his head and I see something burning in his eyes. "You're right. I don't know anything about you or your past. But what I do know is that you're waltzing around irrationally through your own life." "I need to go. The Capulets will be expecting me." With that, I walk out of the room, a storm brewing inside my head and my heart ready to explode. -----¥----- I finally made a satisfiable cover!🤪😂 -----¥----- So what're you waiting for? Click the read button and enjoy!

Copyrights and a few death threats

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