Exotic {M/M}
By lily_bee
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By day, Miles Stewart is your below-average high schooler. Flying under the radar by the seat of his pants, trying to get through each day without drawing too much attention to himself. By night, he transforms into Sephora Utah, a drag queen who rules the club scene. His expressive alter ego, under whom he can be fully himself, safe from judgement. Those two aspects of his life have remained seperate for almost two years. But this precarious balance is tilted when his double life is discovered by Caleb Proust, under compromising circumstances. Under threat of losing his anonymity and lifestyle, Miles negotiates a mutual agreement that if one goes down, so will the other. Because, of course, no one knows Caleb is gay. As long as Miles has that to hold over his head, he should be able to make it to graduation. Just so long as he doesn't go and do something really stupid. Like fall in love. ~~~ 1st Place in Teen Fiction: The Mono Awards {Silk Edition} by @themonocommitee 2nd Place in Teen Fiction: The Summer Smoothie Awards by @PhantomUnicorn 5th Place in The Friend of Dorothy Awards by @Boxed_Talent Featured on @cupid 's Reading List {Cupid in the City} ~ ~ ~ COVER DESIGN by cil @sereneur

~ crush is an onomatopoeia ~

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Exotic {M...
by lily_bee