The promise
By ebtehal_a_
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  • nightmare
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  • promises
  • romance
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  • secrets
  • tgga
  • tringal
  • truma


a girl stripped from life and meaning lost in her own puddle of misery. that girl is Sarah a protected witness her story started with an intruder.and one question "who the hell are you, Adam?" A guy With a dark aura accompanying him since he was a child his identity was a mystery to people and a fear to others. "I'm the shadow of deciet, resent, doubt, and fear I see in people's eyes." A story of Sarah's loss and Adams's secrets. follow the footsteps Sarah took to lead her to where she is a what destiny holds for her. His eyes are my mystery but what if I fall in love with them The darkness swallows me And only he promises me path out A path under the name of love The heart is a magnet to the feelings And the eyes are blind to the heart We spent our life's making promises But if they all break can we ever start.


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The promi...
by ebtehal_a_