I Hate Football Pla...
By still_just_me
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Football players are assholes. I know; I'm related to their king. My older, and annoyingly overprotective, brother Jake is the star quarterback at Santa Cruz High School. I love him but hate living in his shadow. Everyone worshiping the air he breathes suffocates me. After a traumatic experience with a quarterback three years ago, I want nothing to do with boys and dating. All that matters is getting into college, so I ace my classes and sign up for my school's student ambassador program to boost my applications. Thankfully, I have my best friend Harper to get me through being overshadowed by my brother. My plans for a quiet, low-key senior year are destroyed when a cocky, arrogant rival of Jake's keeps butting into my life. Logan Hightower is a total player who expects me to drool at his feet while he uses me to burn my brother's game. If he thinks I'll fall for his gorgeous looks and shallow charms, he's totally mistaken. Little does he know, I want nothing to do with him because I hate football players. Note: Some of the chapters have mature content, as marked. Swearing is blatantly rampant and sensitive chapters are marked with the associated trigger warnings. highest rankings: #1 lovestory, youngadult, quarterback, goodgirl, cute, texting, sports, slowburn, series, & California, highschool, teenager, teenfic, series, completed #2 romance This story is complete, edited, and totally revamped in 2023! -me

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I Hate Fo...
by still_just_me