Clueless | Detectiv...
By a6demon
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Hi there! This is my first fanfic I'm writing so it might not be that good ;-; This entire fanfic is inspired by MoshyLo, check them out on @MoshyLo on twitter, @_moshymoo_ on insta and on YouTube. THIS IS NOT A SHIP BOOK Cover by @mikadespacito on Twitter ~ a6d paced around his office. He peered at the bulletin board he set up, with red lines pointing this way and that way to different people he knew as childhood friends. He wasn't getting closer to any evidence of who the killer was. He has to find out. All for Bad's sake. He needed to take justice for the victim. But he was just plain clueless. ~ WARNINGS! Mentions of -Death -The Trio Drama -Gore -Angst (Lots) -Fluff (just a little we dont stan ships here ew) ~ Milestones 1K reads - June 16th 2K reads - July 5th 3K reads - July 19th 4K reads - August 4th 5K reads - August 23rd 6K reads - September 7th 7K reads - October 8th 8K reads - November 7th 9K reads - December 12th 10K reads - January 26, 2021 #1 in Bad6d 9/24/20 #2 in Skep6d 9/24/20

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