The Fighter and His...
By a_rmyreads
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Reillyn Cole had experienced it all. Grief. Pain. Heartbreak. And yet, still, the cruel world continued to throw hurdles in her unendingly winding path. Elias Ryker had grown up under tyranny. Despite problems of his own, he becomes the most likely to be able to save her. And she was the last anyone expected to actually want to save him. But she did. She wanted him. He wanted her. But fate didn't want them together. Now, they must navigate an overprotective best friend, a homicidal father, a psychotic brother, and a hilariously crazy grandma. But, will Rei ever get her happy ending? - - - "Boxer Boy, you don't really have a choice in the matter, you either help me or I squeal about your very illegal activities," I obviously wasn't gonna tell but he didn't know that so I silently prayed he wouldn't call my bluff. He leaned down so he was eye level with me, he smelt like apples too. "Why do you wanna learn how to fight tigru?" I tried my hardest not to let my gaze flicker down to his bare chest, but it was right there and very distracting. He cleared his throat making me shoot my gaze back to him as I hoped my voice didn't come out shaky, "that's my business, just like the reason you fight is yours." His jaw sharpened as he straightened and seemed to contemplate what his next move would be. I took the time to declutter my thoughts and focus on what I needed from him; fighting lessons, the opportunity to save myself one final time. - - - "I love the book overall. It kept me on the edge of my seat and it was full of emotion! I can't wait for the sequel to come out! This book had something for everyone and anyone; if you enjoy reading, you'll enjoy this book!" - Mackenzie "I read a lot and this is one of the best books I've read. If you are this young writing this good I cannot wait to follow your career." - danielchristinatin

1. Monday Week One

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The Fight...
by a_rmyreads