Tethered North
By JessicaLouAuthor
  • Romance
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  • dystopian
  • england
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  • nottingham
  • revolution
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  • thriller
  • truelove
  • violence
  • war


{18+ COMPLETED} A war that destroyed the world. It came and it went, leaving death and chaos in its wake. In the resulting turmoil England has split into four regions, a safety measure that was 'essential' to ensure that violence would not reign over the new world. The world as they know it has been wiped away, but there's only so much pressure you can apply to someone's throat before they snap. ~~~~ Zac and Emilia are in the North. Forced into jobs and ordered into arranged marriages, Emilia's happy memories of her family are long gone, instead replaced by immense fear of the Enforcers who patrol the streets, the State who dictate the rules and the growing lust for her husband, Zac. As the cruelty heightens, so does any tolerance for the State. Tortured one too many times, Emilia meets a group determined to bring the State down; the aptly named Resistance. Taking matters into their own hands, they launch themselves into a flurry of guerrilla warfare, completely unaware of what lies in store for them. Will Emilia's desire for Zac get in the way of their goal? Can they figure out a way to work together? Is the State ready to fall, or is this only the beginning? ----------------------------------------------------------- ' Zac moves slowly, a gentle, seductive kiss that has heat building in my core, a small moan erupting from my lips as he grabs the back of my neck, forcing the kiss deeper, angling my face to continue, my insides stirring even more at the action. I move my own tongue against his, attempting to give him just as much as he's giving me, meeting fire with fire. He seems to like that, smirking against my mouth before he runs a hand through my hair, gently tugging on the ends, pulling my face back further, up towards him. '


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by JessicaLouAuthor