RWBY x Realistic Ma...
By Haiko__
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You're a normal 16 yo guy expect for the fact that you like to think of yourself as a rationalist and like to put forward your... well... let's say... realistic point of view, a bit to much for some people, but they're just too dumb to understand. You kinda like that one show named RWBY, but not as much as some of your friends, and sad for them, you are the one who's going to go over to Remnant, and your going to do what you always wanted to do when you watched the show, and that is just yeet plot out and get things done correctly. I do not own RWBY, it belong to Rooster Teeth Productions. I do not own any of the images/videos/gifs I use in my chapters Dark path, which means a lot of mature content (not lemons but blood, violence, slavery, all those thing you all like. Don't deny it I know)


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RWBY x Re...
by Haiko__