Flame Thrower (Blai...
By CabbageQ
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•This story is based on a DDLB relationship. If you are uncomfortable with this, don't read it• Ronald Weasley, a high school student at Hogwarts Prep is doing alright. His schooling is great, his best friends are amazing, his family is loving and caring.....so why is he so bored of his life? He had always taken care of people. Hermione, Harry, his family- Ron just wanted to be taken care of for once.... Little did he know, a psychotic, pyromaniac teenage boy who's spent most of his life in Juvie, solitary confinement and mental asylums, would relight the fire in his heart and be the person to care for him when others didn't. All while uncovering the mystery of this boy, who the Government and the people of the world, refer to as The Flame Thrower~ Disclaimers: 1.This story is based in more recent times and is a muggle au. 2. This story contains DDLB (Daddy Dom Little Boy) If you have a problem with it, go somewhere else. - _ - 3. I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters in this story. They all belong to the J.K Rowling, though I do not support her. 4. I don't own any of the photos that I use throughout this story. Those all belong to their rightfull owners. 5. This story at some point talks quite alot about Dissociative Identity Disorder. I apologize greatly if I misrepresent it and if anyone gets offended by it. I have tried to educate myself best I can without getting completely confused but that doesn't mean I won't make mistakes. So I am very sorry if I do. Enjoy~


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Flame Thr...
by CabbageQ