Ride of the Dead
By BloodR0se17
  • Paranormal
  • 1800s
  • brothers
  • child
  • christmas
  • dark
  • death
  • england
  • family
  • fatherxson
  • ghost
  • grief
  • haunting
  • journey
  • loss
  • love
  • memories
  • paranormal
  • remember
  • secondchance
  • sorrow
  • souls
  • spirit
  • train
  • trainride
  • winter


*"*"*"COMPLETED"*"*"*RIDE OF THE DEAD: A STORY OF FORGOTTEN SOULS ******* Joel longs to put the sorrows of his past behind him... but the dead might just not be willing to let him go. ******* Joel Trilby is a hard, lonely widower. His young son, Eddie, yearns to figure out why he's always so distant, but the tragedy which changed Joel was hidden long before the boy was born. Joel has buried his secret so deep that no one alive knows the truth. But when a mysterious young man and a surreal train enter his life on one chilling Christmas Eve, his secret may yet be revealed. As he is thrust into another plane of reality, Joel has only one night to resolve his past, protect his son, and maybe, just maybe, walk away from this train alive. ****IMAGE DISCLAIMER: All rights are reserved to their respective owners.****

Chapter One

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Ride of t...
by BloodR0se17