Soul Reaper In Huma...
By hetalia-UK
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We all know Gin ichimaru, a snake within the court guard squads. What if I told you even while being such a great and achieving soul reaper, Gin also kept a secret that not even the great Aizen knew about? Even before Gin met Rangiku, he was already taking care of another. What may shock you is, this person is no soul living within the soul society. Gin was taking care of a child who had no home and no where to go. This child was a human, who he saved and took care of. Gin brought this human to the soul society up until she was moving into her teenage years. Once she became a teen, Gin got her a house in the world of the living so she could live like any other human. Gin would still be taking care of her but having to often travel between worlds. After about a year of doing this he sought out the help of an exile of the soul society, Kisuke Urahaha. Gin wanting to care for this human intrigued him yet was confusing but nonetheless, Kisuke decided to help. ------- I do not own Bleach or the pictures.


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Soul Reap...
by hetalia-UK