Zombie War: Health...
By AtenSequence
  • Horror
  • -thriller
  • apocalypse
  • apocalyptic
  • dystopian
  • health
  • infection
  • regulations
  • safety
  • survival
  • survivors
  • thriller
  • undead
  • virus
  • war
  • zombie
  • zombieapocalypse
  • zombies
  • zombiewar


Was there any point in writing rules and regulations when the world was going to hell? So what was Philippa Nolan doing stuck in a sweltering tin hut in the middle of the desert creating a new set of Health and Safety Regs for use in the Zombie War? Would they ever be finished, let alone implemented, as what was left of the military tried to stop the zombie hordes overrunning yet more cities and towns, ripping the residents to pieces in their lust for blood? All across the US small pockets of humanity struggle to survive, fighting against the odds to keep going and find somewhere they could be safe. Did any of these last stragglers hold the key to victory against the undead the world so desperately needed or were government projects like the ‘Zombie War: Health and Safety Regs’ the last impotent defence of a dying civilisation?

Chapter 1 - Manual Moving and Handling

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Zombie Wa...
by AtenSequence