Black Tourmaline
By MysteryWriter61
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Everything she thought she knew has been a lie. What happens when she joins a new family whose intentions seem to be unclear? Will secrets reveal themselves or will she learn to accept everything as they come? ................. Although she was still holding onto her nose, some sort of liquid was still traveling into her nostrils as well as through her mouth. The liquid was thick but tasteless. For some reason, she knew Abidon was not trying to kill her so she was not worried. However, she was curious about what was going on. A book based off of the song Freak Show by Sub Urban and REI AMI. Every chapter is based off of the lyrics. What will this lead to? Read on to find out... Lyrics: Welcome to our freak show, come meet my monsters Oh, such a fine collection of stranger things My patience running thinner on this melting clock Cerebrum jailed with thoughts most would consider rot To think you're any different from an animal A creature, sick, as you should be put down But I can't help myself Ooh-na-na-na-na, ooh-na-na-na-na Please, don't hide your imperfections Nature took two tries to make the man in white No, I don't mind, you are a beauty Not temptation, you're my creation Freak o' Friday night, know I'm the main attraction Basket acrobat, they wanna see some action Tinkering with my design, twist and tame my feral mind Play with me 'til you've found another toy Let me be your freak show, I could be your favorite monster Rattle my whole cage, remind me why I can't be fostered Let me be your freak show, I could be your favorite monster Lock me up, don't let me out 'cause you know I can't help myself You're wasting, you're wasting all Of your time finding a cure when there's no disease You're wasting, you're wasting all Of your talent on an audience that sees a freak Oh, such a fine collection of stranger things


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Black Tou...
by MysteryWriter61