Under these Stars
By lystrandra
  • Teen Fiction
  • bad
  • best
  • boy
  • brothers
  • childhood
  • death
  • family
  • friends
  • friendship
  • love
  • neighbors
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After her parents's accident, Delany shut her self from the world. She liked being in her safe, little bubble.. Mason, on the other hand, wanted to see that smiling, bubbly girl once more. He helped her sleep without nightmares and mended her broken self. Fast forward five years, they are strangers now. She doesn't talk to him, he doesn't talk to her. They're completely different. He's the bad boy who all the girls fawn over, and she's the girl who is simply there. And they're fine like that, even if they so happen to be neighbors and used to be childhood best friends. One night Mason crawls into her room, neck deep in trouble with no one to turn towards except her, and now she's the one helping him.

Chapter 1 : Promise?

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Under the...
by lystrandra