Sex Club (Coming So...
By Fairytopia08
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Isla has recently broken up with her ex-boyfriend and is struggling financially to support herself. Her co-worker tells her to join their city's underground prostitution club and offer herself up to other men for sex. She's desperate and takes her co-worker up on her advice and decides to join the club only until she can find a better job. Isla however didn't expect to find herself so tangled up with the very attractive yet closed-off owner of the club, Derek Lancaster. She wants him more than she's ever wanted any man before, but she can't figure out how he truly feels about her. His best friend, Sophie is trying to push Isla and Derek together but then the two girls start building an attraction towards each other as well. Isla is thrown into a difficult situation as she's attracted to two people she has no certainty of being with. Will Isla have her heart broken or finally find the love she's been looking for her entire life? Warning: MATURE CONTENT 18+ There will be sexual scenes or mention of sex in almost every chapter so if that makes you uncomfortable please don't read this book.

Sex Club (Coming Soon)

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Sex Club...
by Fairytopia08