Beneath the Masque
By BloodR0se17
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"I thought you were my friend..." I said. I couldn't believe what he was telling me. His eyes were focused on me. He drew close, his fingers caressing my cheek. "Forgive me," he murmured. A tear fell from my eyes. Without a word, he kissed it away. The soft pressure against my cheek was bittersweet. His lips drew away from my cheek, but his face lingered near mine. The wound in my heart cut so deep--the sheer pain of his betrayal was more than I could take. Why did he lie to me? I trusted him! I wanted to pull away from him, and yet...oh, how I longed for him to draw closer. He was better than this! He had to be! Oh, I wanted to believe that so badly! I could feel his breath on my face, his lips so close to mine. Couldn't we touch, just once, before I had to face the truth of his deception? Before that was all I could remember? ***************** Poor, unpopular, and lonely, Jenna Phillips, dumped by her boyfriend at the homecoming prom, wanders into the nearby park. What she discovers hidden among the trees sets her on a night of dazzling brilliance and haunting love. But beneath the glamor and beauty lies a deadly secret that will do anything to keep itself from being revealed. Will Jenna be able to uncover the secret behind the mask, or will she be lost forever within the masquerade? *This is my very first story on wattpad! I am super excited. To whomever read this: please, please, PLEASE feel free to leave comments or critiques. I'd love to know your input! Write on!* ****IMAGE DISCLAIMER: Whichever images used within these chapter which do not belong to me are reserved to their respective owners.****


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Beneath t...
by BloodR0se17