Dreams that Mask th...
By RaeDaniels
  • Fantasy
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  • dreams
  • dreamwalkers
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  • hiddengems
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Being the son of a fallen angel automatically makes you: a fallen angel. Joseph Parker is part of a secret organization dedicated to protecting humans from demons. He's been in the "family business" since he was a child and is used to following orders. Until he meets Kylie Zanders. As far as Kylie is concerned, she's living a rather normal life. Going to school, hanging out with her best friend, and writing in a journal about all the magical abilities she's suddenly experiencing. The moment she has a run in with a couple demons, she's suddenly thrown into a hidden world that she must learn to understand. Before long, chaos erupts in her life and she finds out her father is missing, her mother isn't really dead, and there are people out there that want to kill her. As Joseph digs deeper into the depths of his father's organization, the truth is revealed about angels and demons and Kylie must choose which side she's really on.

1 - A little thing called love

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Dreams th...
by RaeDaniels