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By noendiswell
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Hope Mikaelson is a sixth-year, pureblooded Slytherin trying to escape the pressures of her family. Josie Saltzman is a muggleborn transfer student from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic when she gets sorted into Slytherin one fateful night. That same night, the Divination Professor Sybill Trelawney reveals a prophecy regarding two students that could mean destruction for Hogwarts and the entire wizarding world. -- The hall is still quiet as Josette walks up to the stool, her footsteps resounding loudly in the silence. She sits down, and McGonagall places the hat on her head. Nothing is immediately said, and just when Hope thinks the hat has made a decision another minute goes by. Josette is whispering furiously, but strangely no one can hear a single thing. She appears to be...arguing with the hat? It's almost seven minutes later when the hat finally decides. "SLYTHERIN!"

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Hosie - H...
by noendiswell