The Love for Diamond
By EnigmaticBrunette
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  • 2020
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🦋 •••• SUMMARY •••• When he was only ten years of age, Alpha Aiden had to witness his parents getting murdered in the most inhumane ways possible. Before they died, though, his mother had told him (through a poem) to search for a blue diamond amongst the other packs. After years of hopelessly searching for it, Aiden had not only finally found it, he also realized that the blue diamond wasn't a thing - it was a werewolf. And not just any werewolf. It was his mate. However, it didn't last long until she became pregnant and tragically died while she was giving birth, leaving Aiden not only alone, but also with the responsibility of the child which he - out of the passionate love he felt for his wife - named Diamond. Aiden took Diamond with him and disappeared for a whole year, only coming back for her death anniversary. He could never find the strength to tell Diamond how she died and therefore prevented him from seeing any member of her family. But when Diamond finally turns 18, he makes his way towards the answers he craved his whole life. He goes to his mother's family to pay them a visit. Aiden's love for Josephine stayed fresh and alive throughout the years, never losing any bit. Diamond's hope of seeing his mother stayed fresh and alive throughout the years, never losing any bit. Why could they feel her when she wasn't there? Why would she come in their dreams every now and then? If she came back, was she ever really gone? 🔷 featured on "Trending" (May, 2020)


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The Love...
by EnigmaticBrunette