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By TheCatsInTheShed
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When Persephone May Danvers make a very big mistake, she is transported to a new world. A world where Supernatural is real. What's gonna happen? Will she survive? Probably not. Will she find love? Definitely not Will she get hurt but make long lasting friendships which eventually become family members and experience many things she never thought she would and eventually have to battle a friend? ....Oddly specific there mate. But essentially, yeah. Let's do this. ||UNFORTUNATLY I DO NOT OWN SUPERNATURAL, IF I DID IT WOULDN'T BE ENDING AND DESTIEL WOULD BE REAL. ANYWAY, I ONLY OWN RIPLEY AND HER STORYLINE|| //This will NOT follow the plot of Supernatural exactly as I cba to write the exact script in story form. It will loosely follow the events that happen in the show but it will not be exact. Enjoy it//

Chapter I - Lets Learn About Death Kids!

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Carry On...
by TheCatsInTheShed