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SUNA RINTAROU X (OC)READER Six players stand on each side of the court. Six players, one mind, one goal. While there is no force more powerful than rushing water, she stands against the flow, refusing to follow in the only direction she knows she must move in: forward. When the people around her, and life as she knows it, moves forward, y/n remains, the backbone of a team with no skeleton. It's just her. One player. One mind. One goal, and five ghosts. When an accident sends her life's dreams crashing to the ground, y/n is caught between wanting to stay in her world of familiar hurt and needing to move on with her life. Finding her way back onto the court, rediscovering why she calls herself an athlete, and learning to pave a new path is easier said than done when the only light to guide her is the dying promise of her best friend. However, whether it's his words or her rekindled ambition, y/n isn't the sort who crumbles from defeat. >I accidentally mixed up OC and reader(was new to fanfiction), so know that y/n is written as an OC in this story. >I do not own Haikyuu or any of its characters, only the plot and OCs. >If I could bold, underline, and italicize the word "angst", I would. You have been warned. >Cover/story art by me :)


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