Pack Mate // A Tota...
By Arryhtal
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For clarification, this definitely isn't your typical Skephalo story. I drew wolf versions of Skeppy and BadBoyHalo, so why not write about it too? That's the whole idea. Skephalo, but with wolves. - There is no update schedule, and it probably won't update often either This was created before the a6d incidents occurred so he is in this book. If you do not like him then that's not my problem. No real names will be used It's not completely romantic but it's not platonic either. Somewhere in the middle. Blood warning - Skeppy looked around. Everyone looks so happy. They all have friends, but I have no one. Why do I have to be the lone wolf? - Don't harass Bad or Skeppy about skephalo. This book is just made for fun and is not forcing anything on anyone.

1) Wander

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Pack Mate...
by Arryhtal