Reign (Riders of Ap...
By eat_a_brick102
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I didn't mean to let jealousy take over, honest, but Lexie egged me on and I just thought, fuck it. I was certainly rewarded for my efforts with a kiss that weakened my knees and fired me up in a way I've never experienced. I was close to giving all the bikers a good show on this bar but he pulled away before I could commit to my dirty fantasies. His words settle my nerves but tighten my thighs and stomach, his dominance proven in his demands and the kisses he gives me. He takes complete control and I let him. I haven't had many sexual relationships but in all of them I control the situation, socially and sexually. With Roman I'm willing to succumb to his orders because I know I can trust him. "Are you staying at mine tonight?" I ask about twenty minutes after our make out session concluded, after which I just sat on his lap and we flirted playfully. "Is that an invitation?" He tickles my side and I squeal slightly, smacking his hand away. "Take it as you please." "I'm gonna take it how I please." He whispers in my ear, his lips brushing against it causing a shiver to rush through my body. My stomach and thighs tighten again and I'm very willing to take him up on the offer.

Chapter 1: Peyton Lennox

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Reign (Ri...
by eat_a_brick102