Tu Hi Yaar Mera
By GS_Stella
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Crazy! Unexpected! Full of surprises! Unusual in a strange way! That's how life is. And indubitably, life can unpredictably hurt as well. A lot. Life is never meant to be our way but our greatest loss is the moment when a part of us dies within our own selves as we live. The moment Aarti died, something shattered within him. The Sanskaar, everyone once knew, had lost everything he had as the fire of the burning pyre rose up high. She was leaving right in front of his eyes and he couldn't do anything but helplessly watch the love of his life go. He had loved her with all he had, or maybe even more, and would have followed her in the blink of an eye but today he failed to muster up the courage to do so. The symbol of their love, that Aarti had left in his arms, held him back. He didn't know himself when, but as time passed by, he had those hard walls building around his heart and the only one who could pierce those walls was his daughter. Until one day... when he realized that someone else held that power too. But what happens when that 'ray of hope' comes with its own fair share of 'darkness'?!


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Tu Hi Yaa...
by GS_Stella