It's Impossible
By yanie_me19
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I hate everybody! And I am hated by everybody. No such thing allows me to care or to be cared. Nobody even like a single thing about me. Guess what?! I don't even like a single thing about them! It will really make me happy if I got out from this cage, but I was so locked up with my worthless family. But one day, I met this boy. He's very annoying and talkative, but this guy, he's the one who taught me to love. He became the reason why I still want to live. But, does he like me? What I know that I am impossible to be loved. Nobody actually said that I could be loved. Oh, I almost forgot, I'm Evelline Heather Devim, or just Evell. (It's actually about a girl who never felt love, until a guy came into her life.) Will she change? Does she really love?

It's so Irritating

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It's Impo...
by yanie_me19