Love, Anonymous
By Mitchiiichi
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  • friendship
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Mikaela Summers is just a normal girl who lives next door to her childhood crush, Daniel Kitting. She has an introvert attitude and quiet boyish at some point. Daniel was the mysterious type as well as an outgoing boy, with a player attitude to girls. They have known each other for years, but an event had led them to being complete strangers. Will their friendship ever come back? Will Mika have the courage to confess her feelings? Or will they be forever strangers.. This story is composed of part fiction and part reality connected to the authors life or some friends that might have influenced the author in some way. Note: The beginning of each chapter will be in Journal entry form and the last parts will be in a normal form. I hope you enjoy this story. Feel free to comment and vote. Thanks! :)

Chapter 1 : My Heart Skipped a Beat

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Love, Ano...
by Mitchiiichi