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When Faye Morgan left for Camp Lexington last summer and never came back, Stormy swore that she'd get to the bottom of her best friend's disappearance. Begrudgingly, she packed her bags and clambered onto the dingy bus that would take her over 500 miles away into the depths of Weston, Florida, hoping to find some answers. But Camp Lexington isn't at all what Stormy expected. The atmosphere seemed welcoming enough at first, but Stormy could tell that something wasn't right. She could see it in the too-shiny smiles of her fellow campers. She heard it in the hushed whispers that permeated the night, coming from the edge of the wood lurking behind her cabin. Felt it in the shiver that raced down her back every time she walked passed the lake. Sure. Stormy may just find out what happened to Faye. But at what cost? [ Frequent Updates ] Cover by @KayvyaAgnihotri I definitely recommend the cover shop on their profile! Definitely a talented creator 💕 🥇1st place in the 2020 Golden Awards!

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