Green World: The Qu...
By Anne_Park
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Green World Project Season One The Green World is a virtual world created as an online game. But, on the contrary, it's the world in other dimensions where dragons and magic exist. It's a virtual reality role-playing game, a fantasy-based community where the player can level up by slaying the monster, completing the quest, raid dungeons, and join in the games event. Black Crow is the guild built by Razen and now in the middle of disbanding. To save the guild, Razen and it's party accepted the high-level Quest. The undefeated King of the North, the Azure Dragon. Because of a lack of members, they seek help from the infamous witch in the Green World, Lily, a necromancer, to help them to clear the Quest. Along the journey, they meet different people. Build strong bonds and friendships. With trials and hardship, with enemies getting stronger, how will they survive? Let's log in and find out... ♤♡♧◇ Genre: Action-Fantasy-Adventure Language: English This story is inspired by The KING'S Avatar, Solo leveling, and Infinite dendrogram. Hope you like it! ∆ Won THIRD PLACE in Creators Choice Awards 2020 #75 at RPG out of 4.46k stories- 7/6/20 are #39 at MMORPG out of 1.4k stories - 7/6/20 #15 at dungeons out of 969 stories-7/6/20 #46 at virtual reality out of 1.81k stories -7/6/20 All rights are reserved in 2020.

Green World Project

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Green Wor...
by Anne_Park