Death list
By Dream_Writer11
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A Dream_writer11 story. SFS series. (P.S: You don't necessarily have to read the first book) *~*~ It happens tonight" "What happens tonight?" "You'll see" He said and before I knew what was happening, the world was spinning in front of me. I saw everything blur in front of me as my body slowly descended to the ground. *~*~*~ I started noticing changes. Sometimes i zoned out for no reason, like starring at nothing in particular. I would stare at something and be stuck in that position for minutes. I didn't understand why it happened or that it could cause something unforgettable. I remembered waking up one morning and starring at the mirror just to notice my eye colour was a little different. Days passed and i was still experiencing the same things. They became more frequently. I would wake up with a different eye colour that would disappear if i tried to show anyone and i would completely zone out for no reason. Then my mom fell really sick. She was so sick, she couldn't leave her bed. She got all pale and slim and she spent most of her time sleeping. At first, i thought it was just a flu, then i thought she was hopefully pregnant but it became so worse, she couldn't talk properly. I didn't understand the reason she refused to visit a doctor. *~*~*~ At first, it was just a little hot feeling on my hand but as time passed, it intensified, making it feel like my hand was on fire. It knew it couldn't be heat because it was a December. It was snowing outside and the heater couldn't have made me feel that hot. It didn't feel like the regular heat one would feel under the sun, it was far hotter and the feeling only intensified. I pushed away the laptop and the popcorn, rubbing my hand in confusion. My hand had blank ink staining it like it was being injected from inside. It started at a dot till it started to spread and take different shapes and sizes. It continued like that till I felt my whole body go hot.


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Death list
by Dream_Writer11