Drunk In Shinjuku
By JoeyJMakathangIsip
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Some get lost, some are found. But most of the time, people get drunk in Shinjuku. *** Moving into the university's dormitory as a first-year marine engineering student, Sigfred Renz Ronquillo stumbled upon a familiar guy whom he awkwardly met last year in a local bar in Davao City called 'Shinjuku'. It was Troy Rances Beltran, an insanely hot third-year marine engineering guy, whom he had stolen some shots in that bar a year ago. The same guy who brought him home when he got drunk that time. To his bad, Troy remembers him very well that upon seeing him again in that room of the dormitory, Troy immediately teases him of what happened that night of that year. Troy, coming from the shower room with only a towel on its waist pushed him on the bed, went atop of him smirking. . . and borrowed his shirt. Luckily, he was not his roommate and Troy were just there to use the shower. Kristensen Jetter Evanglista, was his real roommate which is another bad news, because it was Troy's best friend. Now that that their fate had crossed again, will it finally spark what they had started a year ago as strangers? Or will one of them just end up getting drunk again in Shinjuku?

Drunk In Shinjuku

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Drunk In...
by JoeyJMakathangIsip