Feisty Lilly
By Once_There
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"Wait! Don't come any closer!" I shouted as I clench my dress tightly and pressed it closer to my body. "Oh my god..." I said as a thought resurrected in my head. Did... we... do the dirty? "Did... we? Oh my god Dean, did we... do that?" I asked, stuttering. I saw him smirk and know that's not a good sign. "Well, well... You've got moves that sure can make any man blush, Lilly." He said as he sat on the chair while sipping his morning coffee. What?! What moves?! Author's Note: May contain Wrong grammar and spelling mistakes! Read at your own risk! After the story "Miss Faye", Im on my new book "Feisty Lilly"! Please support this book like how you supported my first book! Your support inspires me to continue my book! Thank you! Follow, Read, and Vote! Lots of love, @Once_There

Snobby Barista

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Feisty Li...
by Once_There