Scarlet Magic
By Levi_Lover04
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Echo Swan is the younger twin to Isabella "Bella" Swan. At a young age Echo was kidnapped and experimented on. Resulting her getting powers that she likes to call a curse. She always feared her powers, feared of hurting her friends and family. She always felt like she was out of place or didn't belong in the world since she got her powers. Echo was always scared and always isolated herself from people and sometimes would isolate from her family when she was at her breaking point. Being given powers, they all have their breaking point and their fears. Echo's fear is not finding someone who will embrace for who she is and accept her. All she want's for someone to love her. But that's until she met a certain doctor, Doctor Carlisle Cullen. A/N I do not own Twilight. It belongs to Stephenie Meyers. I only own my oc Echo Swan. Enjoy the book.

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Scarlet M...
by Levi_Lover04