Hidden Trauma (Depr...
By AngryOne1
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He has hidden it for so long and he has done it so well, but Bakugou has a big secret. In his last year of middle school he was sexually assaulted and developed post traumatic stress disorder related to anything like chains. He can't let anyone know.... They will only think he is weak. Does not include any graphic depictions of sexual assault, though there are references to the event! ⚠️DO NOT READ IF YOU BELIEVE THIS MAY TRIGGER YOU^^ AND PLEASE READ TAGS⚠️ Disclaimer: I do not own BNHA/MHA, any of its characters, nor any of the art unless specified. Cover art and the plot are mine! REQUESTED BY @w_llett Rankings: #4 in Kiribaku 10/23/20 #36 in mha 9/10/20 (dang I'm proud of this one) #1 in depressedbakugou 10/19/20 #34 in class 1-A 10/23/20 #2 in ptsd 11/13/20 -Angry Started: June 18, 2020 Finished: Ongoing

Chapter 1: The Sports Festival

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Hidden Tr...
by AngryOne1