Italian King
By LaceeStarliper
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Ava's life has changed so much in such a short amount of time, and now she must leave the US with Angelo for her own safety. Once there, she finally finds out Giovanni's secret making her love turn into hate. Ava is about to see Angelo's loving and caring side no one sees or gets. Ava will learn Angelo's true feelings for her and why he treats as he does. Who will Ava choose in the end Giovanni, the man who lied to her or Angelo the man who is about to show her love like no other and man take a bullet for her? ~ "Ava, are you ok," Angelo said once we got in the car, knowing I wasn't. How could I be after what I just found out? I will never forgive him. "I am fine." Angelo grabbed my face, gently making me look at him and said: "How many times have I said you can't lie to me, kitten?" Before I could, I answer, Angelo kissed me, making me forget about everything and anything. God, I am so fucked. ~ The second book, the first book is Italian Beast.

Chapter 1

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Italian K...
by LaceeStarliper