꧁ You LIGHT Up My...
By SHineeSunshine
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Book 6th from Second Generation Obsessive Series. ~ARTHIT Arjun Kashyap (Sun) is a 25 years old, the First born son from the set of Quadruplets, A very hardworking, dedicated and handsome Doctor. But BEAST in character. ~DARIKA Saran (Moon) is an 18 years old girl who doesn't have any knowledge about the Cruelty of this world In Simple Words, She is a naive and innocent BEAUTY but 'Beware' She has a sharp tongue that can kill anyone without touching them. ARTHIT who fell in love at first sight is unaware about the existence of his love rivals. ~TINTIN, A Street dog who loves Darika and one of the love rival of Arthit, is determined to break them apart. How will Beauty survive when BEAST claim her without any consent Or will BEAST surrender himself before BEAUTY? What will Beast do When he try to forget his first love named Twinkle?. Will Darika be a replacement for Arthit? Or, Will TinTin spare ARTHIT for stealing Darika from him?. This is a humorous Romantic Journey Of Arthit aka BEAST and His unquestionable and Unconditional love for his REALITV named Darika. All rights reserved @ShineeSunshine.

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꧁ You L...
by SHineeSunshine