To the Sun, to the...
By LoV_Mom
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Everything was going fine in the rebellion until the prince showed up. Or, according to the leader at least. Prince William claimed to "know intel about the enemies" and "be able to fight" and "not have a crush on the injured soldier boy he found on the journey." Yeah, right, Will. You keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile, Nico-Soldier 1017-is only trying to adjust, and only trying to survive. He's an amazing soldier (a perfect one, in Will's opinion) who only made one little mistake, and that might just be the downfall of his family, his boyfriend, and the rebellion. But the two boys will work together, and they will fight through each time of darkness and obstacle in order to finally reach their dreams of reaching the stars, the sun, the sky. Disclamers: Rick the Troll owns the characters. This story is written by @The_sunniest_angels not by me. I am posting it on their behalf due to some complications with their use of Wattpad. (this sounds like they've done something wrong, which they have not.) This has already been explained in a post on my profile.

Chapter 1: A Stupid Prince Crashes Our Party

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To the Su...
by LoV_Mom