Kiss and Cry [ A Ni...
By stylishmuser
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WARNING: This story will contain smut, ptsd, and details of a major accident. Also, a disclaimer: while I have done research on the medical and qualification aspects of this story, there may be slip-ups or possible inconsistencies. I refrained from getting too specific with figure skating aspects for that reason. Sanjana Kashyap is an Olympic level figure skater. Or, she used to be, before an almost career-ending injury at the U.S. Championship the year before. Now she's clawing her way back through physical therapy, trying to find a new partner for pairs skating, and focused on never trusting anyone but herself ever again. Niall Horan is doing anything and everything to distract himself from his disastrous previous relationship. Recording, vacationing, participating in charity soccer games despite his shitty knees. He'll do whatever he can to forget her. A chance meeting between the two during physical therapy leads to a realization - the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. That is until feelings get involved. A fwb story about heartbreak, rebounds, dodgy knees, following your passion, and weathering the storm.


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Kiss and...
by stylishmuser