Naked Love
By toccaraislit
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Toccara Bozeman, a 20 year old girl who grew up in the cold East Atlanta streets. Toccara is the daughter of the Notorious drug dealers O'shea and Angela Bozeman. Her mother and father raised her to be a strong black woman in this cold world. She was taught that it was either eat or be eaten. She was daddy's princess and mommy's little girl, her heart was crushed when her parents died in a shootout right in front of her. This turned Toccara into a very cold person. Due to her mother and fathers death she turned to the streets, although she never sought revenge for their deaths she always kept her eyes and ears to the streets. David Legend, a 24 year old drug king. He was raised in the streets of East Harlem by his beautiful mother. He is a very smart strong and powerful individual. He is the person everyone feared, known as the "Grim Reaper".He didnt believe in love because every female he ever let close to him either hurt him, betrayed him, or was murdered. What happens when these two powerful beings cross each other paths?

The cast

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Naked Love
by toccaraislit