I Love You Virus
By JoeyJMakathangIsip
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Wataro's always running towards Dudang everytime she's in trouble. Dudang likes to create mess from time to time at bilang nakakatandang kapatid nito ay obligasyon niyang saluhin ito lagi. Yet, for Wataro, those moments don't feel like a total obligation at all. There's always this intense feeling of relief every time na nasasagip niya ito. Saving her makes him feel manlier than ever. And Dudang relying on him gives him a total satisfaction. Dudang, in so many ways that Wataro can't completely imagine, completes him. She's maybe like a computer virus who's always messing with his network , but as an engineering student who's a genius in fixing bugs and creating avant-garde tech projects, he will always be willing to fix, upgrade, and reboot her. But what if one day, she'll become totally out of his control? Will he still try to tame her? Or will he just remove her from his system?

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