The Wolves Den {Lar...
By LarryTwinklinson
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Louis is the first born Omega in centuries and he doesn’t know this, an important fact. Johanna, Louis mother keeps him ignorant to his status in the wolf world and makes him believe that he’s a regular wolf. She’s scared of the Alphas that may rape and mate her son for the power he possess. She finds it hard to accept herself and her son into a pack but when he’s fed up with moving she settles down. They found themselves in the lovely state of Michigan with one of the most respected packs in the world. Louis life starts to change in ways he would have never believed. No one has to tell him that he’s an omega, not his mother, not Alphas, no one. He found out himself when he found a book in a library at the age of 13. It was a book about Omegas and Louis loved the idea and wanted to read it. Louis wasn’t stupid, he was able to put the pieces together, especially when he went into heat at the age of 15. With Johanna’s plans of Louis not knowing spoilt she teaches him as much as she can about who he is and why she’s wary of Alphas. Louis understands her fears but knows that without a pack he and his mother are in danger of becoming rogue. When Louis and his mother settle down he tries to fit in. Tries to make a few friends and make his way into the pack their. To be accepted. There’s no way to tell that Louis is an Omega unless you were his mother, father, or an Alpha. Harry notices Louis before he’s even met him, smells him in the hallway, in the classrooms, on the seats. Harry doesn't know what the smell is. He just knows that it’s delicious and makes him weak in the knees. He needs to find the source of the smell before he goes crazy, but the way he finds the tiny Omega may make Harry crazy with anger. Cover made by: @PeterLou


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The Wolve...
by LarryTwinklinson